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NBA Live Mobile - How to Complete Fall Festival Sets

November 27, 2017

NBA Live Mobile is hosting an event called Fall Festival. New sets are available for the duration of this program. Players can navigate to the sets menu and then tap on the Fall Festival tab to check out the new sets. There are four categories of sets. Click here for more NBA Live Mobile News.

Classic Harvest Players contains three sets that are repeatable. The Classic Harvest Gold Player set gives one Harvest gold player in exchange for three of each program tokens. Players need three pumpkin, three corn, and three apple tokens to complete this set. For the Classic Harvest Elite Player, 10 players obtained from the previous set are needed. Players should complete this set four times at least to get the items for the next set. The Classic Harvest Pioneer Player set gives one Harvest Pioneer player in exchange for four Harvest Elite players. The three types of tokens are obtained by completing program live events. 

Classic Harvest Master category has three sets that are not repeatable. Players first need to obtain a player item card from a live event. They will use this card and Harvest gold players to unlock a live event. The other two sets are unlocked with items from the live event. The final reward is a 90 OVR Shaq card. 

The NBA Festival Players category contains three repeatable sets. The first set, NBA Festival Gold Player, gives one Festival Gold player in exchange for 10 festival tokens. The next set, NBA Festival Elite Player, requires users to gather five specific gold players if they want to obtain an elite player. The last set, NBA Festival Pioneer Player, gives a Festival Pioneer player in exchange for four players from the previous set. Festival tokens needed for the first set are obtained from live events. 

The NBA Festival Master category is similar to the Classic Harvest Master category. The reward for completing all sets is 90 OVR Paul George. Players need to obtain the first Paul George card from a live event. This card together with other items will be used to unlock new live events and eventually get the 90 OVR card. 

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